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I was speaking with my wife on the phone after putting in a twelve hour day and she asked me what my plans were for the next day as I had no obligations.  I told her that I was probably … Continue reading

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I have to finally admit it there are three mistresses in my life.  As when I sleep they haunt me with their siren sounds.   I think of them when I am awake and long for them when we are … Continue reading

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Rivers served as the highways for explorers and avenues for transportation and trade in the early days of North America.  Thoughts of those days recalls the adventures of Lewis and Clark, Father Marquette, birch bark canoes and the voyagers who … Continue reading

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A Misty Morning Memory

August can provide some mystical mornings in west Michigan.  The warmth of the day is undone by the coolness of the night and morning is enveloped in a ground fog.  That was the scene that awaited me that morning on … Continue reading

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