Mounting Rod Holders on a kayak, part 1

When I purchased my kayak it was not specifically a fishing kayak but, as time passed I used it more for fishing.  That’s when I found that some modifications were required to make this use convenient and comfortable.


The first challenge was to install flush mount rod holders in back of the seat.  This would keep my rods off the floor when I was launching or docking.

To begin with I needed to see if I could access the interior of the back portion of the yak.  By removing the hatch cover and then the hatch itself I could get access. This allowed the use of screws and nuts to secure the flush mounts.  If your yak does not provide access then you will have to rivet them in place.




Once I determined where the holders would be placed, I used templates to determine where to cut out the holes.


With a felt tip pen carefully draw an outline of the templates.  Then after drilling a pilot hole, grab your jig saw and go to work cutting the holes. Stay on the line as you will want a nice snug fit.

Once the holes are cut, file or sand the edges to remove any burrs.  With your shop vacuum suck out any debris that has fallen in.

Now carefully see if the holders fit snugly in place.  If you have to remove more material, do it a little at a time to prevent cutting to large a hole.  Once you have found that the holders fit snugly in place, remove them and apply a water proof sealant around the outside of the hole and replace the holders.


The holders are now in place and the final step is to either rivet or screw them in place.  Drill your pilot holes. Again, the holes should be just big enough to provide a tight fit for the fastener.


This all seems like it is a very quick and easy job and it is once you have done the proper layout work and confirmed it will work before you ever cut your first hole.  If you are averse to cutting holes in your yak there is an alternative.  There are some aftermarket rod holders that attach to your seat that you can buy.


The next post will deal with mounting rod holders on the side of the kayak.  Stay tuned for that project.


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1 Response to Mounting Rod Holders on a kayak, part 1

  1. Rebecca says:

    Looks like you did a good job. Happy fishing.

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