Honey, I’m home. (the wife’s prespective)

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When I realized Doug was really going to retire , I was




Scared my life would change dramatically. Scared I’d never be able to shop again. Scared we’d never be able to afford to do the things we wanted to do.

Until I realized that:

  • I wanted to change my life dramatically anyway.
  • I shop at Goodwill anyway.
  • The things Doug and I enjoy the most don’t cost anything anyway.

But on a more serious note, I really was scared. It was the unknown, and I like things wrapped up in nice, neat little packages.

small gifts

small gifts

What I knew for sure, though, was that I wanted my husband around more. While all the traveling was exciting and the fact that I got to accompany him a couple times of year gave us both opportunities we never would have had, it was really hard being apart from each other two weeks every month. Not to mention worrying about him when he was “across the pond”.

I never could understand why wives dread their husband’s retiring because they don’t want their husbands underfoot. I couldn’t wait for him to be underfoot. I mean, isn’t that why you marry someone? Besides I was tired of having a long-distance relationship, especially at a stage in our life when we should’ve had more time with each other not less.

Couple spending time together.

Couple spending time together.

As far as the finances go, we had never lived beyond our means. It was just last year I traded in my eighteen year old Taurus. Besides, I like “old” rather than new. Even my husband. (Just kidding, honey.)

We had taken advantage of every financial opportunity that came our way, maxing out 401 K’s etc. Plus, Doug is one smart man. I should’ve trusted that he knew what he was doing.

I couldn’t be happier Doug is home now. I love watching him get to fish and hunt as much as he wants, although I’m always having to remind him he doesn’t need to wait for the week-ends anymore.

Doug fishing

Doug fishing

(I had two pictures but the “boss” nixed it as he thought it made him look fat. And this is one day after a large study proved that men are many, many times more narcissistic than women. Ya’ think?)

I love seeing his excitement over finding a new body of water that needs to be challenged.

I love knowing when I’m downstairs praying, he’s upstairs doing the same thing. I love holding his hand in church, at the movies. I just love that he’s home.

My fears were so totally unfounded.

The best words I’ve ever heard, “Honey, I’m home”.

Honey, I'm home

Honey, I’m home


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