Mounting Rod Holders on a Kayak, part 2

In the prior post I discussed how to mount rod holders in the back of your kayak.  That was a fairly easy project.  Mounting rod holders in the front part of the kayak is more difficult.  There are a number of items to consider when you undertake this job.


Flush mount: the rod holder sits flush on the gunwale, this is permanent.

Deck mount: the rod holder is elevated above the deck, this is permanent.

Clamp on: the rod holder attach to the kayak via a clamp.

Once you have decided on the type, the next question is how do I mount it.

The answer is dependent upon the gunwale of your yak.  For either the flush mount or deck mount you will require a flat surface of 2 inches wide by 4 inches long.  Once you identify the area on your kayak that meets the requirement, you need to determine how it works for you.

The determination of placement is critical and no specific measurement can be given due to each persons height, arm length and paddling style.  Another factor is the length and width of your cockpit.  To decide upon this, you need to sit in your yak with your paddle and based upon your reach, mark where you think this meets your needs

This article will deal with placing deck mounts on your kayak.  As you can see I made the marks where I felt they should be placed and then placed the mounts there to insure they would fit.


Once you are comfortable that this is where you want them, drill the four holes for mounting the brackets as shown below.


Something important to remember is that your kayak material is not very thick so I cut a piece of wood that was longer then the mounting plate in order to add extra strength.  I place rods in the holders and troll with them.  A large fish can really place a lot of stress on the holder and the yak.

Place some sealant on the underside of your mounting bracket and screw it into place on the side of your yak.  Do not forget to place the wood stabilizer on the underside of the kayak and tighten that down.  I also used cap nuts to protect my knees from getting scrapped by the end of the screws.


Well, we’re done so what are you doing sitting here reading this?.  Mount up and let’s go fishing.




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